Server Information
Address: tibijka.net
Exp:Staged ( 12x - 3x )
Server-Type:Rl Map
Players:0 / 1000
Peak:0 players on December 28th 2016, 02:33 CET
Server:Eloth 1.0
Added:December 28th 2016, 02:33 CET
Motd:Welcome to Tibijka RPG! The most stable server ever you have seen before.
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Tibijka is a 8.0 Real Tibia Server including:

-Real Tibia Quests + Inquisition Quest (100%).
-Real Tibia Spells formulas (100%).
-Real Tibia Weapons formulas (distance and melee).
-Real Tibia NPC'S (100%).
-Real Tibia Monsters Intelligence (100%).
-Real Tibia Loot Rates (based on Tibia.wiki statistics and original files).
-Cast System.
-Cam System.

Server Rates:
-Experience: stages
-Loot: 2.5
-Skills: 6
-Magic Level: 3
-Self Made Runes: x2

All of the players will be able to:
-Use all spells.
-Travel by a ship.
-Buy promotion.

Premmium Players will be able to:
-Buy Houses
-Get 10% more experience.
-See loot from the killed monsters in default channel.
-Use premmium outfits and addons.
-Lose 1% less of experience after death.

What is different than Real Tibia?
-We have balanced the vocations a little bit.
-We have added Inquisition Quest.
-We have added Hydras, Giant Spiders & Behemoths to the Forbidden Island.

Flags Information
Most players speak English:
Botters plague:
If the server is approved

Approved Servers
# No fake players (Spoofing)
# No corrupted staff
# 24/7 Online
# Competent Developers
# Rule violators is being banished
# Bugs being fixed
# Server is being frequently checked by OpenTibiaServers
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