99999x 24H HighExp Edited
Server Information
Address: expalta.servegame.com
Exp:Stable ( 9999x )
Server-Type:Custom Map
Players:161 / 1000
Peak:1075 players on July 2nd 2017, 11:30 CET
Server:HeroesOT 2.0
Unclaimed server!
Added:November 15th 2015, 16:00 CET
Motd:The Heroes Of Time - A nova era! Aproveite DOUBLE POINTS acima de R$50!
Is this server yours? claim it!

#- The best brazilian high exp otserver! -#

Create an account on 1/1 (Account Manager)
or use our website: http://theheroesoftime.com

IP: theheroesoftime.servegame.com
Version: 8.6
Port: 7171

Website: http://theheroesoftime.com
We accept U$ Dollars to buy Donation Points! And we also have a bonus promotion:
bought 20 dollars, get +10 points as bonus. Bought 30, get +15. Bought 40, get +20. Bought between 50 and 99 -> get +25 points as bonus!!! (it is a limited bonus promotion - enjoy it fast!)

24H, No lag, 500+ New Items, 500+ New Spells, 300+ New Monsters and New Quests, Pet System, events everyday, Reset Area, Hero VIP City, and more!

We have LOTS of new things and a whole custom MAP.
Enjoy it!

For new spells, say: !spells
For new commands, say: !commands

Flags Information
Most players speak English:
Botters plague:
If the server is approved

Approved Servers
# No fake players (Spoofing)
# No corrupted staff
# 24/7 Online
# Competent Developers
# Rule violators is being banished
# Bugs being fixed
# Server is being frequently checked by OpenTibiaServers
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