7.4 Highrate reset
Server Information
Address: darkot.net
Exp:Staged ( 85x - 3x )
Server-Type:Rl Map with Customs
Players:223 / 3000
Peak:794 players on March 11th 2018, 20:55 CET
Server:DarkOT 1.0.0
Owner:OTS Admin
Added:November 14th 2015, 18:58 CET
Motd:In case of DDos-Attacks and you start to lagg: Simply relog and try another connection, switch from USA 1 to 2, or EU 1 to 2 or vice versa. Try around until you find what works best for you!
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About DarkOT
DarkOT is a Real-Map RPG/PVP Server aimed to mimic the time of 7.4 Tibia but with some improvements.
Such as Existing Port Hope, boosted damage for knights and paladins and a bigger variety of creatures, quests and items.
The main game play is keept at 7.4 style!
And of course, 7.4 means there's no wands/rods available for mages, they're meant to start make runes at low level to exp!

Game Features

Custom 7.4 antibot-client with graphical options
Bot/Macro detections to make sure the game stay clean from cheaters
Enchanted PVP-Enforced
Rashid exist in Darashia (Straight south from depot)
You can play without being premium
Party offers automatic experience-share (The more vocations, the more exp bonus)
Tasks that can be shared even without party
No level restriction on items
No PZ on boats/carpets
Manual Aiming
Correct 7.4 monster behavior
Monsters can be lured anywhere
Loot Message that's fully configurable by player
Task Message that's fully configurable by player
No stairjump exhaust
Possibility to make UH traps
Bank system, deposit/withdraw/transfer

Flags Information
Most players speak English:
Botters plague:
If the server is approved

Approved Servers
# No fake players (Spoofing)
# No corrupted staff
# 24/7 Online
# Competent Developers
# Rule violators is being banished
# Bugs being fixed
# Server is being frequently checked by OpenTibiaServers
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