Thorsan Midrate 8.0
Server Information
Address: midrate.thorsan.net
Exp:Staged ( 60x - 5x )
Server-Type:Rl Map with Customs
Players:0 / 9999
Peak:658 players on November 20th 2016, 21:05 CET
Server:Thorsan 1.1.0
Owner:OTS Admin
Added:June 23rd 2016, 18:48 CET
Motd:Welcome to Thorsan!
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In Thorsan Mid-Rate:
*Free Premium
*Free Djinn/Rashid Access
*Djinns/Rashid can be found in original places + in Thais.
*Free Access to many places such as Goroma, Svargrond Islands, Formorgar Mines, Gonthril Fortress m.m
*Receive donation point at certain advances (lvl 10-300)
*Receive donation points by being in an active guild.

Many people enjoy getting free items on certain advances.
Thorsan Mid-Rate decided to use this, and changed the concept completely.
Instead of getting items, you get donation points.
By these donation points, you can on your own decide what item you want on the donation shop, or if you'd like to save them up to buy more expensive items.
Thorsan-Midrate has a very large shop so you have a very big table of options what items to chose for your gained points!
For example, at level 30 you'll gain 43 donation points + eventual guild bonus, that give you enough points to buy a fire axe, or a knight armor and some supplies.. you decide!

Check out stages and more info here: http://midrate.thorsan.net/?subtopic=information

Flags Information
Most players speak English:
Botters plague:
If the server is approved

Approved Servers
# No fake players (Spoofing)
# No corrupted staff
# 24/7 Online
# Competent Developers
# Rule violators is being banished
# Bugs being fixed
# Server is being frequently checked by OpenTibiaServers
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