Hexera.net 10.8
Server Information
Address: hexera.net
Exp:Staged ( 60x - 2x )
Server-Type:Rl Map
Players:826 / 1600
Peak:1868 players on April 29th 2017, 19:00 CET
Server:the dark age 0.3.0-CVS
Unclaimed server!
Added:November 14th 2015, 17:27 CET
Motd:Welcome to Hexera 10.00 server! Please visit our website for more information about the server!
Is this server yours? claim it!

- Newest Real map 10.8 (with Glooth Bandits, Seacrest Spawn, Lion's Rock) and three aditional new islands (and quests on them)!
- All new 10.8 hunting grounds!
- Retro PVP.
- Real Tibia like monsters & spells (exact formulas).
- All major quests: Rathleton Quest, Oramond Quest, Roshamuul Quest, War Against the Hive, Gnomebase, Black Liquid Quest and of course all major older quests!
- AI Bosses (with all unique attacks) with reward containers!
- Market, offline training, cast system!
- Real tibia raids!
- Most advanced and bug-free open tibia server in the world!
- Anti-kick system. You lose connection to your internet? Thanks to our system you will have a big chance of surviving!
- Stable server! Our other server - Hexana.net wasn't restarted for almost 5 years!

Tibia-like World Changes:
- Horse Station (ability to rent or tame a horse)
- Yasir (oriental trader)
- Swamp Fever (Feverish Citizens in Venore)
- Overhunting (White Deers/Starving Wolves)
- Demon Wars (Shaburak vs Askarak war)
- Horestis Tomb (ability to tame Sandstone Scorpion

Tibia-like mini world changes:
- Roshamuul - Sight of Surrender spawn in Guzzlemaw Valley
- Roshamuul - Sight of Surrender spawn in upper Roshamuul
- Roshamuul - Mawhawk's Lair World Change
- Fury Gates
- Spirit Grounds
- Ab'Dendriel Changing Grounds

World Events:
- Massive Team Battle
- Castle War

Flags Information
Most players speak English:
Botters plague:
If the server is approved

Approved Servers
# No fake players (Spoofing)
# No corrupted staff
# 24/7 Online
# Competent Developers
# Rule violators is being banished
# Bugs being fixed
# Server is being frequently checked by OpenTibiaServers
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