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How do I play on Open Tibia Server? The easiest way to connect to an Open Tibia server is by using an IP Changer.
You can download both the client and IP Changer from our downloads
Some of the servers provide players with their own custom Tibia client. If you have such client you don't need an IP Changer to connect.

Keep in mind that using the same password on Open Tibia servers and official Tibia servers/website is not safe therefore we strongly recommend creating accounts with various passwords.

Server List
Is it possible to find servers from only specific country? Yes! Simply click on the flag of the country you want to display servers from!

Is it possible to find servers from only specific client version? Yes! Simply click on the client version of the server you want to display servers from!

Is it possible to find servers that's only using custom maps? Yes! Simply click on the type of the server you want to display servers from!

On the right side there's some weird icons, what are those? Those icons displays how a server is ingame,
there's a flag telling if people speak English or not,
and there's another flag telling if there's a lot of botters online or not,
and last, there's an icon showing if the server has been "approved" which means it's a serious server and not a simple download&run server hosted by someone that doesn't care about the server
So an approved server = a serious server

My server has been banned! Why? We do not accept servers with modified/false informations (i.e. number of online players, record and uptime). Usually such servers are instantly detected and banned from otservlist including ip ban so it is harder to add a server in the future. Adding login servers (summing online players from a few servers) and counting quit players (e.g. on trainers) is also prohibited. You can also be banned for faking other servers (e.g. same name or website) so better think twice before you start breaking our rules!

Servers violating our rules will be banned for 30 days.

Someone else have added my server, how do I claim it? Find the server on the list, click on it so you can see details.
You'll now see an "claim it" button between server information and description.
Click on it and follow the steps and you'll claim that server directly to your own account!

Can I search for different PVP types? Yes! In the server list search bar, you can search for:
pvp, non-pvp, pvp-enforced and war

Can I search for a client version? Yes! In the server list search bar, you can search for whatever client you want, remember to keep the dot out of it!
7.72 would be 772 and 10.82 would be 1082 and so on..

How can I get my server "approved" On your account panel, after you added your server you can at "Dashboard" click on a green flag next to your server.
There you'll find all information you need to apply to become approved

How do I delete my server? In the dashboard, click the trash-can icon next to your server

I need to contact support! Where can I do that? In your account, there's a button "Contact",
In there you can send and receive messages from administrators

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